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Glitch Ontology


Mark Amerika’s new limited edition artist book, Glitch Ontology, is co-produced with Upfor Gallery and focuses on glitch aesthetics, “Google Illusionism,” and what it’s like to see the world the way digital devices see the world. The book is 90 pages with a color interior, gloss black on matte black cover, and is printed and bound by Publication Studio in Portland, OR.

An excerpt from the Upfor website:

Glitch Ontology excerpts images from a larger body of work in which Mark uses Google Street View as the lens through which to depict the drive up Lake Como, Italy toward Bellagio. if you like glitch aesthetics (or Lake Como, or both) you will groove on it. For me, the images are alternately weird and beautiful, a perversion of traditional documentary travel photography that hints surveillance culture, the soullessness of cultural tourism, corporatism and many other provocations.


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