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Video Trailer for Mark Amerika’s Newly Commissioned Art Work, “The Museum of Glitch Aesthetics”

From the Abandon Normal Devices web site announcing my new commission, The Museum of Glitch Aesthetics:

The Museum of Glitch Aesthetics (MOGA) is the latest work in Mark Amerika’s collaborative series of transmedia narratives. MOGA tells the story of The Artist 2.0, an online persona whose personal mythology and body of digital artworks are rapidly being canonised into the annals of art history. The piece traces the life of the artist and his ongoing commitment to a practice of ‘glitch aesthetics’ that leads to the museum of the title. MOGA will feature a wide array of artworks intentionally corrupted by technological processes including net art, digital video art, digitally manipulated still images, game design, stand-up comedy, sound art, and electronic literature. The project will also include a mock museum catalog available in both free e-book and print-on-demand editions.

Here’s the video trailer:



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