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Museum of Glitch Aesthetics in “Digital Aesthetic 3”

Museum of Glitch Aesthetics (MOGA) is now on exhibit at the Harris Museum and Gallery in Preston, UK. DA3 is an international exhibition and conference which explores the impact that the digital has on our sense of self and our relationship to the physical world.

MOGA is the latest work in Mark Amerika’s collaborative series of transmedia narratives. MOGA tells the story of The Artist 2.0, an online persona whose personal mythology and body of digital artworks are rapidly being canonized into the annals of art history. The piece traces the life of the artist and his ongoing commitment to a practice of “glitch aesthetics” that leads to the museum of the title. MOGA features a wide array of artworks intentionally corrupted by technological processes including net art, digital video art, digitally manipulated still images, game design, stand-up comedy, sound art, and electronic literature. The project also includes a full color museum catalog available in both free e-book and limited edition print editions.

The entire project is now online at glitchmuseum.com.

The Museum of Glitch Aesthetics project was made possible with a commission from the Abandon Normal Devices with additional support provided by The ATLAS Institute, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at La Trobe University, the Harris Museum, and both the Center for the Humanities and Art and the LEAP program at the University of Colorado.

Director: Mark Amerika

The Artist 2.0: Mark Amerika (Boulder, Portland and Kailua), Aaron Angello (Denver), Saoirse Crean (London), Mary Fé (Rio de Janeiro), Will Luers (Portland), Ruth McCullough (Manchester), Chad Mossholder (Austin), Julie Rooney (Boulder), Rick Silva (Calgary), Joel Swanson (Denver), Steve Wade (Lancaster) and other free spirits everywhere and nowhere.


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