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Images from the MOGA installation at Harris Museum

As part of the ongoing and openly remixed installation of Museum of Glitch Aesthetics, a selection of digital prints, animated gifs, streaming audio, mobile gadgets, and web outputs have been distributed throughout the Harris Museum in England as part of “Digital Aesthetic 3.” QR codes are mashed-up with floor tiles and upon activation take you to a Web site with quotes from The Artist 2.0 contained in the MOGA catalog:

MOGA at Harris Museum

MOGA at Harris

(Notice the QR code in the upper right corner of the tile design)

(These screen and “windows” sized glitch images reveal to the viewer how the Web experience is reconstructing our relationship to image and scale — is the transmission and distribution of this “glitch aesthetic” indicative of a new sense of measure?)

(One of my personal favorites.)

(In the main gallery for “Digital Aesthetic 3”.)

(Nokia phone and cigarette cases.)

(Animated GIF art shot on first generation mobile phone with video capture technology.)


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