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How To Be An Internet Artist

How To Be An Internet Artist is Mark Amerika’s premiere collection of Internet fictions. One of the most-celebrated digital artists of our time, Amerika uses this hybridized print and e-book to distribute this eclectic mix of pseudo-autobiographical fictions that explore many of the themes generated in his internationally-exhibited net art, including hypertextual consciousness, cyborg-narrators, reality hacking, and what it means to create on-the-fly remixes of a life always under manipulation.

Rhizomatically spreading his meme-virus into the ever expanding discourse network, Amerika’s fictional rants trace the early history of Internet art as only he can know it. With most in-the-know art critics, curators and web mavens generally agreeing that the genesis of Internet art is inextricably linked to the conceptual work flow of Amerika’s cultural production,  How To Be An Internet Artist slyly relocates Benjamin’s “lost aura” and puts the dot back into the dot.com era.

You can purchase the book here.

You can download the e-book version here.



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