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29 Inches: A Long Narrative Poem

29 Inches is a 21st century tour de farce that traces the nomadic wanderings of a group of online characters whose contemporary lives are driven by technosexual lust. Everybody has their RIMMjob (a personal digital assistant that does it all), including Bram and Kendall,  who have recently escaped from the new age religious brainwash of Trungpa Jimmy and his tribe of ultramarathon runners. To survive in the post- dotcom economy, as well as fulfill their wish to Save The Planet, Bram and Kendall start their own webcam performance art project cum amateur porn site with over 20% of the proceeds going to radical environmental groups. Meanwhile, they suffer a temporary split-up themselves and Bram, in search of Kendall, takes a wild hallucinatory trip through what he refers to as “Buddhist Amerika!”

You can buy the book here.

“Mark Amerika not only plays music — the rhythm, the sound of his words and sentences — he plays verbal meanings as if they’re music. I’m not just talking about music. Amerika is showing us that William Burroughs came out of jazz knowledge and that now everything’s political — and everything’s coming out through the lens of sexuality”. — Kathy Acker


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