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Mark Amerika’s Solo Exhibition @ The Electronic Gallery

A disembodied voice telepathically communicates with a “Digital Thoughtographer” in CODEWORK, a self-contained multimedia installation by artist Mark Amerika.

CODEWORK was on solo exhibition from August 20-October 21 in Salisbury University’s Electronic Gallery, Teacher Education and Technology Center Room 153. Mark Amerika visited the gallery and delivered a visiting artist’s talk on Thursday, October 6.

The work’s painterly video style is synchronized with 5.1 surround sounds, which were made in collaboration with sound artist Chad Mossholder using the voice of German actress Jutta Wolfert. Amerika developed the abstract motion image sequences after having toured Japan and Europe as a VJ at museums, universities, festivals and techno clubs.

The video source material came from footage shot in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Hawaii and the Australian Outback. The soundtrack was developed in close consultation with Mossholder, who uses Wolfert’s vocals, scripted by Amerika, as well as sounds captured on video and other manipulated sources to further intensify the experience of watching the trancelike images.

CODEWORK is in the permanent collection of the Denver Art Museum where it was recently included in the Blink! group exhibition.


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