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Mark Amerika Exhibiting with Local Artists in Dubai

The Immobilité Remixes are being exhibited in the Contemporary Crosscurrents: Portraits and Electronic Arts exhibition Dubai. The show is curated by Streaming Museum director Nina Colosi and happens in conjunction with another Streaming Museum event featuring Mark Amerika’s work on stage at Juilliard at Lincoln Center in the new Willson Theater.

According to the PR, Contemporary Crosscurrents is the first-ever exhibition of electronic art in the Middle East. Perhaps what’s most wild is that the work is appearing as a public art exhibition in one of those post-pomo designed shopping malls Dubai is noted for.

According to Nasser Rafi, Chief Executive Officer of Emaar Malls Group:

The digital art show is a unique exhibition that highlights the creative flourish of local and international artists, integrating the elements of modern technology. Bringing such innovative attractions to the Dubai Marina Mall underscores our commitment to provide new experiences for our visitors – something the residents of the Marina appreciate.

Mark Amerika’s Immobilité remixes are part of the show along with work by Eduardo Kac, Sarah Lahti, John Simon, Janet Bellotto, and many others.


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