Mark Amerika has exhibited, performed, and screened his interdisciplinary art projects all of over the world and the mainstream, underground, art, academic, and online media has taken notice. Amerika’s work has been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Die Zeit, El Pais, The Guardian, Folha, Wired Magazine, The Age, and over 100 other publications.

Here are just a few samples of the media covering the work of Mark Amerika:

Time Magazine 100 Innovator
Time Magazine
New York, New York

CNNdotcom Transcript
CNN Newstand, CNN International, CNN Airport Channel
Atlanta, Georgia

Tate Museum Interview
Intermedia Art
London, UK

Art For When There Is Nothing On TV
Wall Street Journal
New York, NY

Interview Magazine
The Future of Amerika
Interview on mobile phone / VJ art

Hypertext Fiction: Unbound From Convention
New York Times
Arts-At-Large Column

The Rhizome Interview

Everything, All at Once: A Review of remixthebook

The Language of Cinescripture
Melbourne, Australia

Waves of Remix
Sao Paulo, Brazil

An MP3 Concept Album?

Wired Magazine
San Francisco, California

Interview with CIAC (Centre International d’art Contemporain de Montreal)

In French

Net Art As Theater of the Senses
A Hypertour of and GRAMMATRON
Catalogue Essay
“beyond interface”

Interview with Curator Steve Dietz
Walker Art Center
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Evolving Tradtions: Artists Working In New Media
PBS Documentary

Ten Reflections on Mark Amerika’s PHON:E:ME
Catalogue essay by Steve Shaviro
Walker Art Center
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Amerika, Ink
Catalogue essay by Joe Tabbi
Walker Art Center
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Writing New Media
Visual Studies Workshop
Rochester, New York

Lit[art]ure: Something Old, Something New
Roundtable discussion on the relationship between literature and visual art

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